The New Horizon Code Story

Jul 2019
Company Was Established

In July we founded New Horizon Code PTY LTD, at the time we started as a web design agency but slowly developed into something else.

Feb 2020
Application Development Started

After some time developing websites we made the switch to web-based applications as that was our true passion. We started small with some simple availability and timesheet applications but thats where the passion grew.

MAR 2020
Our First Advanced Appliction

After creating an anonymous whistleblowing application for a company, we started work on Job Stacker; job Stacker was our first SaaS and is currently offline as we rebuild it with the knowledge we have gathered over the years.

NOV 2020
Diversity Sync'd Planning Begins

Diversity Sync'd is our main platform at New Horizon Code and it services the NDIS and Child Safety industry. Diversity Sync'd grew quickly and now has a team of 5 Software Engineers working on the platform.

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Feb 2022
We Continue To Grow

We are still growing this year and are currently working on our third application. This application is due to come out in early may of 2022 and will again service the NDIS and Child Safety industry.