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We build software to take the hard work out of business tasks. New Horizon Code specializes in Cloud-Based software to help your company complete difficult tasks with ease.

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New Horizon Code makes the job of hiring a development team redundant by working with our customers to shape our software into the best it can be.
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You Probably Have Questions.

And we hopefully have the answers, click through our FAQ and find the information you need with the click of a button.

Do you build custom software?

Sadly not anymore. We do, however, offer custom development work to your Diversity Sync'd application to help make Diversity Sync'd streamline your business further.

I have problem on one of my a New Horizon Code Built Application?

That's annoying! We hate bugs. If your application was custom built by us, we still offer support and upgrades, so reach out to your account manager. If this issue is with one of our SaaS products, please use the respective help desks.

Do you offer product trials?

Yes, on most New Horizon Code products, we offer 14 day trial periods to see if the product is right for you. The only product we do not provide this service on is Diversity Sync'd. Due to each app being independent, we custom create a database that is unique to your company, and this process can take over a week. For that reason we are unable to offer trials. We do, however, offer free demos of Diversity Sync'd. To request a demo, head to

Billed from this domain while using Diversity Sync'd or UpSkilly?

That's normal. New Horizon Code infrastructure hosts all our applications as we try to stick to one email address to avoid confusion. You may also receive emails from or, depending on the platform you are using.

Where is New Horizon Code located?

Our HQ is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. With offices in Brisbane, Queensland, hopefully opening within the following year.